Underground operator with encoder 24V FROG-J

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 24 VEncoder

Underground operator with encoder 24V FROG-J


Just 85 mm of underground automation!

Came’s latest solution for installing an underground operator even when gates are not previously fitted  to do so. In fact, Frog-J needs very little space. Requiring little, if any masonry work, it adds the value of an underground  system to that of one with no extra costs. It’s a Came solution!

EN12445 – EN12453 compliant. Through the encoder, the dedicated panel constantly controls the gate leaves’ movement allowing for safe thrust, and is EU standard compliant.

Innovative and exclusive integrated release system with custom key. It is comfortable, safe, waterproof, and protected by its water sealed door. Which makes it easy to reach whether you are outside and inside the gate.

Blackouts no more! Frog-J’s 24V electronics will automatically read any power outages and turn on the emergency mode which runs on batteries added to the unit (accessories).

The Electronics

Besides the normal command and safety functions, Frog-J’s new electronics provides certain new additions which give you total control of the operator and an optimal service level, these being:
> Movement monitoring through ENCODER: to control the gate’s run, it’s thrust and slow downs, while being totally safe for the user.
> Dedicated control panel: which takes emergency batteries and recharge card to deal with blackout situations.
> Easier to install: using just one tri-polar cable tohandle the power supply and slow downs.

Info Brochure

FROG-J cameFROG-J came

Limits of use
Leaf width
Leaf weight
0.8 m
250 kg
1.20 m
225 kg
1.80 m
200 kg

FROG-J came

Technical Information
Degree of protection
230V 50/60 Hz
Motor power supply
24V 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle
Adjustable torque
100 Nm
Opening time (90 °)
Operating Temperature
-20 ° C min. +55 ° C max.

Caution - the foundation box is not included in the price