Self-locking opeator up to 1.3m per gate leaf 230V FROG-AV

VAT-inclusive price

2578 Raccolta Punti

FROG-AV Operator for residential swing gates of up to 1.3 m per gate leaves. Opening time (90°) 9 s.


The totally hidden operator that emphasises your entrance

Frog represents the synthesis of Came’s design philosophy and creativity applied to swing gates. An extremely sturdy and “practically invisible” product which in no way detracts from the aesthetics of your entrance way.

Total water-tightness
Frog’s high quality standards and its IP67 protection standards from external agents keeps it always in perfect working order.

Special apertures
Special operation levers are available and enable gate-leaf rotations of up to 180° providing better management of the space available.

Better before
Installing Frog is easy and setting up the foundation case enables the gate to be automated at a later date.

Durability without any compromises
The solid foundation case is made of rustproof steel. A special stainless steel version is also available, to be installed in severe climates.

Top comfort
Frog is also available in the 24V motor version, so that the gate can always be opened in during power outages.

Designed to withstand anything
In designing Frog, we have chosen the best materials available, carefully studying each detail so as to obtain a no-compromise result.

The 230V Electronics

Frog’s new 230V electronics provides specific control and safety functions, which are standard even in the basic version. There are, however, other control boards available, for cutting-edge performance features, in terms of service and safety.
> Test of the active safety features activated before each gate operation, whether in opening or closing.
> Pedestrian or partial opening to allow opening of one gate leaf or limited opening for pedestrian access.
> Total control of the gate from the transmitter including the possibility of immediately stopping movement of the gate leaves.

Info Brochure

FROG cameFROG came


FROG came

Limits of use
Leaf width
Leaf weight
300 Kg

Technical Information
Degree of protection
230V 50/60 Hz
Motor power supply
230V 50/60 Hz
2.5 A
Duty cycle
Adjustable torque
240 Nm
Motor thermal protection
150 ° C
Opening time (90 °)
Operating Temperature
-20 ° C min. +55 ° C max.

Please note, the price is the sole engine, a separate accessory

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