Self-locking operator KRONO dx up to 3m KR310D

VAT-inclusive price

2056 Raccolta Punti

Right-hand self-locking operator with built-in gate-leaf stop microswitches, for leaves up to 3 mt. KR310D

Maximum applicative flexibility

The special aluminium structure makes Krono the optimal solution, due to its extra sturdiness and applicative flexibility. It comes in three versions, and is especially suited to residential applications. It is designed for swing gates of between 3 to 5 m in length per gate leaf.

Perfect integration

Its “stem” shape and the special coating make Krono suited to many architectural contexts, even the most demanding.

Blocking during closing
Krono, thanks to its self-locking, maintains blocking during the gate’s closing cycle.

Great solidity and efficiency
All of the equipment is made of aluminium to ensure solidity and lasting power over time.

The electronics

Krono’s new electronics provide specific command and safety functions, depending on the specific needs. From the BASIC version, to the more complete MULTIFUNCTION version, which provide:
> Gate stop from the radio transmitter. For total control of movement.
> Partial opening to favour pedestrian access.
> Electronic obstacle detection for the best safety during the movement.


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