12-Key digital switch for combination with decoder MORX Nice

VAT-inclusive price

506 Raccolta Punti

MOT digital switch with 2-wire connection to decoder
  • 255 combinations can be entered out of a total of 999,999,999, expandable to 510;
  • 2 channels;
  • 2 programming modes: Easy or Professional;
  • programmable output functions with pulse relay, bistable or timed relay, anti-theft feature;
  • up to 4 switches can be connected by cable to the same receiver, with different active combinations.
Cheap: extra low consumption, the transmission will activate when the user presses the key, and switch itself off automatically. The ambient brightness sensor only activates keypad lighting when necessary.
Sturdy: vandal-proof die-cast aluminium casing, IP54. 
Easy programming: with MOU palmtop or O-Box interface, extremely simple management of any type of programming of the BM1000 memory in the vicinity of the system, or remotely, directly from the installer’s office. MOU and O-Box interface with the PC, enabling efficient archiving of all installations.


  • Code: MOT
  • Night operation: a red/green light will illuminate the keys
  • Protection rating IP: IP54
  • Dimensions (mm): 70x30x80h
  • Weight (g): 237