Multi-function Led indicator Nice WLT

VAT-inclusive price

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Multi-function Led indicator.
The only version with 12/24 Vac/Vdc power supply and flashing light function, courtesy light function or dusk sensor function.
A new idea for improved safety: when connected to compatible control units, Wallyght can act as a normal flashing light, or provide ambient lighting like a fixed courtesy light. When connected to a 12/24 Vac/Vdc output, Wallyght can remain permanently lit, and also be activated at dusk to then turn off at dawn thanks to the integrated dusk sensor.
Optimal efficiency, extra long life: the two 1 W-Leds guarantee a lifetime of 70.000 hours (continuous use).
Horizontal, wall or ceiling mounting: combined with the possibility of or ienting the light beam and compact dimensions of the IP44 box, use of Wallyght is even more flexible.
Accessory compatible with series: Walkykit 1024 - Walkykit 2024.