Pair photocells adjustable trought 210° Bluebus techno. F210B

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Synchronised photocells with Bluebus technology, horizontally adjustable through 210° and 30° vertically.Simply perfect installations.
The 210° solution
The beam of the Nice F210 and F210B photocells has a horizontal scope of 210°, thereby increasing the safety level of the system and simplifying installation: the gate or garage door to be automated quite often slide flush with the wall making it very difficult to position the photocell. 
Numerous models and countless advantages
The new photocells are available with relay output (F210) or with the Nice BlueBUS technology (F210B). With the BlueBUS technology, all devices can be easily connected to the control unit with just two wires. Sensors with the BlueBUS technology can be connected to incompatible control units by means of an IB interface. The devices that are connected to the BlueBUS network are automatically acquired by the system. 
Suitable for any architectural environment and easy to install
Reduced dimensions: 46x128x45 mm; electrical connections can also be made from the lower section of the box. 
Resilient and safe
Polycarbonate casing; FA1 vandal-proof metal shell (optional).
Cutting-edge technology
The problem of interference between the sensors and the automatic synchronisation between several pairs of photocells is solved by the antiblinding circuit; high range adjustable on 2 levels; synchronising circuit; alignment with proportionalLED for easy and safe installation.

Estimated range (m)
Power supply
Protection rating (IP)
Working temp. (°C Min/Max)
Range relè
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (g)
10 (30 with jumpercut)
without jumper 24 Vac/Vdc limits: 18-35 Vdc, 15-28 Vac with jumper 12 Vac/Vdc limits: 10-18 Vdc, 9-15 Vac
5 mA Rx,
30 mA Tx
-20 ÷ +55
Max 500mA
e 48 V
46x45x128 h
The device can only be connected to “BlueBUS” networks
1 BlueBUS unit