Proximity reader for transponder card MOCARD/P Nice MOM

VAT-inclusive price

369 Raccolta Punti

Proximity sensor for transponder cards and badge and for Flor-m bimodal transmitters, with 2-wire connection to decoder.
Exclusive functions:
  • 255 cards/badge can be entered with a single code, expandable to 510;
  • 2 channels;
  • 2 programming modes: Easy or Professional;
  • programmable output functions with instantaneous relay, bistable relay, timer, anti-theft feature;
  • can be connected by cable to 1 proximity sensor;
  • reading distance 5-10 cm;
  • hard-wearing polycarbonate;
  • LED enabling the user to see the device in the dark; 
  • it is possible to change the operations counter associated with a given card present in the memory;
  • enables the user to change in the memory the parameter relative to the type of card/badge the decoder will be able to recognise.
  • it is possible to change the code assigned to a given MOCARDP so that it can be programmed in line with specific requirements.
Easy programming: with MOU palmtop or O-Box interface, extremely simple management of any type of programming of the BM1000 memory in the vicinity of the system, or remotely, directly from the installer’s office. MOU and O-Box interface with the PC, enabling efficient archiving of all installations.
New transponder badge.
A practical badge that can be attached to a key-ring for availability at all times.

  • Code: MOM
  • Description: reader for MOCARD, MOCARDP and HSB1
  • Anti-crushing distance (cm): 5 ÷ 10
  • Protection rating (IP): IP55
  • Dimensions (mm): 69x26x78h
  • Weight (g): 65

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