Radio digital selector compatible with FLOR series Nice EDSW

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12 key digital selectors, with radio connection, 100% wireless. Nice EDSW
Digital radio selector with FloR 52 bit coding ;
is compatible with FloR with rolling code and generates 4.5 trillions of combinations, self-learning.
3 transmission channels to control 3 automated systems or 3 different customized commands for the single automated system.
no cabling needed and an estimated range of 25 m in free space and 15 m inside buildings. Backlit keypad.
the combination is a 0 to 8 digit number, this allows the generation of 99,999,999 possible combinations!
extremely reduced consumption, transmission is activated at the pressure of a key and turns off automatically. The ambient light sensor activates lighting of the keyboard only when this is necessary.
vandal-proof container in metal casting, IP54.
extremely strong metal body, only 27 millimetre depth.

Technical features
  • Power supply: 6 Vdc with 2 lithium batteries CR2430
  • Battery life: estimated 2 years with 10 transmissions per day
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz ± 100 KH
  • Radiated power: estimated about 3 mW erp
  • Radio coding: 52 bit rolling code FLOR
  • Temp. (° C Min / Max): - 20 ° to + 55 °
  • No. of figure combination: from 0 to 8
  • Estimated range (m): 25 in free space, 15 indoor
  • Degree of protection (IP): 54
  • Dimensions (mm): 70x27x70 h
  • Weight (g): 215