Battery powered wireless transmitter for sensitive edges TCW2

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674 Raccolta Punti

Photovoltaic panel and rechargeable battery powered wireless transmitter for sensitive edges. suitable for external use or sunny areas.
Even safer automation thanks to the Nice solemyo Air Net system’s new sensitive edge sensors. No connection, totally wireless, powered by the sun.
Energy saving
thanks to the solar power cell built into the TCW2, with rechargeable batteries.
Version with battery-only operation is also available in case of installations with low exposure to sunligh
Unbeatable safety thanks to the “wireless” system for detection and communication between sensitive edge, interface and control unit, allowing swift action when an obstacle is detected.
Quick and easy to install:
maximum flexibility in installing the devices. Possibility of connection to 8.2 KOhm resistive sensitive edges. 
State-of-the-art technology: IBW interfaces, for Nice BlueBus-compatible control units, and IRW, interfaces, for control units without BlueBus connection, allow radio communication with TCW sensors.
Suitable for any architectural context
Compact size: 99x49x33