Self-learning transmitter for gates 433Mhz 4Ch Nice Era FLOR

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1, 2 and 4 channel transmitters with a new stylish design.
433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function.
Also available in versions with multiple input sequential encoding (Era FlorCE).
Absolute security: rolling code transmission makes the transmitter impossible to clone.
Ideal solution for the management of multi-user apartment block systems thanks to the unique, personal code. 
Easy duplication of new transmitter close to the system by using an authorised transmitter or directly using a key on the receiver, while a LED displays the various functions.
Extremely practical: using the O-Box programming unit, the Era Flor-CE version allows whole packs of 100 devices to be programmed in a single procedure, without even opening them.
The O-Box and dedicated software applications for PC and PDA allow::
  • quick, user-friendly programming of receivers and transmitters;
  • management and printout of code list;
  • creation of individual installation databases (useful in multi-user systems).
Optimal autonomy and low consumption.
Elegant and convenient: the Era FloR transmitter can be used as a stylish, high-tech keyring or fixed to the wall or your car’s dashboard with the handy support included in the pack.
Total compatibility with previous Flor series receivers (universal, universal modular and with Nice or SM connector) and with the One receivers (OXI/OXIT,OX2/OX2T and OX4T).

Carrier frequency
Estimated range
Power Supply
Battery Life
Protection class
Dimensions Weight
433.92 Mhz
150/200 with aerial tuned in free space
52 bit digital
(4.5 million billion combinations)
3 Vdc;
lithium battery
3 years (with 10 transmissions per day)
IP 40
(For use in protected environments)
H 58x86x22 mm - 55 g