Miniaturized transmitter for gate 433Mhz 2Ch Nice Era Inti Black

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The colourful new line of 1 and 2 channel miniaturised transmitters, available in six colours. 
433.92 MHz rolling code, with management of Identity Codes and Certificates, self-learning and built-in proximity receiver; with 72 bit O-Code encoding, also compatible with receivers with Nice FLOR encoding.
Evolved: uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security and deliver a threefold reduction in automation response times.
Easy memorisation, even at a distance, thanks to Opera receivers. .
There are two options for enabling a new Inti transmitter, even at a distance from the system:
  • using a transmitter already programmed in the receiver, thanks to the enabling Code exchange between the two;
  • using the Nice O-Box connection interface; the receiver’s Certificate is entered by just placing the new Inti next to the O-Box and following the guided procedure on a PC or PDA.
Safe, if a transmitter is stolen or lost, with the O-Box the use:
  • replace it, maintaining the same functions as in the previous one;
  • disable the old transmitter by increasing the priority level on the new Inti.
Inti can also be used as a key ring thanks to the tie in the package.

Carrier frequency
Estimated range
Power Supply
Battery Life
Protection class
Dimensions Weight
433.92 Mhz
150m (outdoors)
30m (inside buildings)
0 - Code 72-bit rolling code
3 Vdc;
lithium battery
2 years (10 transmissions per day)
IP 40
(For use in protected environments)
30x56x9 mm h - 14 g