Self-learning transmitter for gates 868Mhz 9Ch Nice ON9EFM

VAT-inclusive price

410 Raccolta Punti

Era OneFM 2, 4 and 9 channel , ideal for use in cities or places where many devices are present. 
868.46 MHz Rolling Code transmitter line, using frequency modulation (FM), less sensitive to interference than amplitude modulation AM. 
The complete line of receivers with Opera system functions, suitable for allinstallation requirements:
  • with connector, compatible with latest-generation Nice control units with SM port;
  • universal prewired, for use with all types of control unit, for the control of any automation, lighting or irrigation system or other electric circuits.
Maximum flexibility: up to 1024 transmitters can be memorised.
Convenient and practical: the inclusion of a transmitter in the OXIT/OXITFM, OX2T/OX2TFM and OX4T receivers allows radio codes to be accessed by means of the O-Box multifunction interface even when in inaccessible positions. OXIT/OXITFM, OX2T/OX2TFM and OX4T receivers can be used as signal repeaters to increase the operating distance between transmitters and other One series receivers. 
Secure use, thanks to the 3 password-protected levels.
The O-Box and dedicated software applications for PC and PDA allow:
quick, user-friendly programming of receivers and transmitters;
management and printout of code list;
- creation of individual installation databases (useful in multi-user systems).

Carrier frequency
Estimated range
Battery Life
Protection class
Dimensions Weight
868,46 Mhz
200m (outdoors)
35m (inside buildings)
0 - Code 72-bit rolling code
3 Vdc;
lithium battery
2 years (10 transmissions per day)
IP 40
(For use in protected environments)
H 44x55x10 mm - 11 g