433.92 MHz 2CH rolling code radio-controlled Nice Smilo SM2

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433.92 MHz rolling code radio-controlled system with self-learning function. 18 billion billion combinations. Universal pre-wired receivers for easy and rapid installation.
The Smilo system has been specially designed to guarantee both maximum safety and ease of use and installation.
The system includes:
Transmitters 2 channels (SM2)
Universal pre-wired receiver with 2 channels (SMX2) or with plug-in (SMXIS);
Variable rolling code transmission code: absolutely secure because it’s absolutely impossible to clone the transmitter!
Self-learning function; the codes can be entered at a distance with an authorised transmitter or with a programming button on the receiver while a Led displays the different functions;
Memorisation: a particular receiver output can be associated to each transmitter key (e.g. key 3 TX= output 1 RX).

Technical specifications
  • Carrier frequency : 433.92 MHz ±100 KHz
  • Estimated range : 150 - 200 m with aerial tuned in free space
  • Coding : 64 digital bits (18 billion billion combinations)
  • Power supply : 12 Vdc + 20% - 40% with battery 23 A
  • Average absorption (mA) : 25
  • Dimensions (mm) : Ø 48x14 h