Miniaturised radio control 2CH 433,92 MHz Nice VeryVR

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Miniaturised radio control 4.5 million billion combinations, 433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function.
A single key for controlling the automation.
Easy replacement of lithium batteries.
Very stands out for its advanced and refined design, created to be the ideal transmitter for your car or handbag (a handy support for fi xing Very inside your car is also supplied).
Small and slender: can be kept in your handbag or used as an elegant key ring.
Lithium battery: 3 year battery life.
The system can be interfaced with the BUPC palm-top device for an easy management of the on-site codes or via PC.

Technical specifi cations

  • Carrier frequency : 433.92 MHz ±100 KHz
  • Estimated range : 150 - 200 m with tuned aerial in free space
  • Coding : 52 digital bits (4.5 million billion combinations)
  • Power supply : 6 Vdc with 2 lithium battery CR2016
  • Average absorption (mA) : 10
  • Dimensions (mm) : 65x30x10 h