Unit for control, programming and diagnostics of devices OVIEW

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Unit for control, programming and diagnostics for devices equipped with BUS T4 connection, on site or remotely via GPRS thanks to the connection with your PDA, Smartphone or PC.
Advanced management: O-View is connected directly to the compatible control unit via a BUS T4 cable (supplied). By connecting O-View permanently to a control unit or group of control units via BUS T4, a network can be created for local or remote centralised management.
Simple programming mode with intuitive menus valid for each product, with no need to consult the specific instructions.
O-View powers up and automatically recognises all devices on the network as soon as it is connected, displaying only the specific parameters of the device on which to intervene. In the case of several devices on the network the BUS T4 address is identifiable by means of a text label personalised as required, enabling rapid recognition of the associated device.
Programmable: thanks to the built-in clock, it is also possible (with integrated backup battery) to program delivery of commands at a set time, for example to automate opening and closing of complex industrial and commercial systems or for the creation of “scenarios”.
Safe: two password- protected levels (for the user and the installer).
Practical: O-View is your portable office, and can be connected just when programming or for maintenance, or can be installed permanently on site to exploit all the benefits of local or remote centralised management.
A practical wall-mounted support supplied.

Technical specifications
  • Graphic interface : LCD display 128x64 dots (46x29 mm); 2.2”
  • Operator input device : joypad with 5 + 2 keys
  • Display /key lighting : white light
  • Time and date display : with backup battery (min. lifetime 10 years)
  • Maximum number of commands per hour : 64
  • Event log : storage capacity 400 events
  • Connection cable length (m) : 2 (cable supplied); 700 (other cable)
  • Power supply : supplied by devices on BUS T4 network
  • Absorbed current (mA) : max. 20 (without accessories)
  • Insulation : Class III
  • Housing protection rating (IP) : 20
  • Working temp. (°C Min/Max) : from -20° to +55°
  • Dimensions (mm) : 107x61x20 h (with wall -mounted support: 125x70x32 h)
  • Weight (g) : 75 (without cable)