Control units for rolling doors Nice Mindy A02

VAT-inclusive price

613 Raccolta Punti

For one 230 Vac motor, for rolling shutters, with semi-automatic and automatic closing feature, flashing light output and with built-in receiver compatible with the Flo, FloR and Smilo series of transmitters.
Incorporated radio card compatible with the Nice Flo, FloR and Smilo systems.
Programmable Step-by-step/Open input.
Input for close function.
Input for connection interface for 8.2 KOhm resistive sensitive edge.
Semi-automatic and automatic operation.
Flashing light output (A02 model).

Technical specifications
Power supply (Vac 50/60 Hz)
230 ± 10%
Battery power (Vdc)
Maximum motor power (VA; A)
600; 3
Maximum accessories power 24 V (A)
230; 40
flashing light power (V;W)
Maximum gate open indicator power CA (V; W)
Maximum electric lock power (V; W)
5 ÷ 120 
Working time “TL” (s)
1 ÷ 120 
Pause time “TP” (s)
Opening delay time TRA (s)
Closing delay time TRC (s)
Courtesy light time “TCor” (s)
Pre-flashing time “TPre” (s)
Force adjustment (%)
Anti-crushing device (sensitivity)
128x112x43 h