Concealed motor for sliding gates up to 400 Kg with central Nice

VAT-inclusive price

3341 Raccolta Punti

The first Nice concealed motor for sliding gates up to 400 Kg with leaf length up to 6 m.
Motor with built-in control unit and absolute encoder which can be installed inside a compact post with suitable holes.
Its extremely small size allows the motor to be installed even in very slender posts, with interior size down to 140x140 mm.
User-friendly: thanks to the BlueBUS system, allowing the control unit to be connected to up to 7 pairs of Moonbus series photocells and control, security and signalling devices with just two wires.
State-of-the-art: it features a temperature sensor that adapts the motor force to weather conditions, also modulating the overload protection.
Master/slave selection: for automatic synchronisation even of 2 motors, allowing automation of sliding gates with two opposing leaves.
Intelligent: thanks to obstacle detection and automatic working timeprogramming. Self-diagnostics with flashing light signalling.
Safe: adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of every opening and closing operation.
User-friendly, precise limit switch adjustment: integral absolute limit switch, quick learning with just one opening or closing operation with motor released.
Practical: control unit and optional PS124 buffer batteries can be connected by means of practical guided - connector.
Flexible: unlocking can be provided on both sides of the post and/or on the outside (with the KIO and KA1 accessories). Also easy to install on existing posts.

Electrical data
Power supply (Vac 50/60 Hz)
Absorption (A)
Power (W)
Performance Data
Speed ​​(m/s)
Force (N)
Work cycle (cycles / hour)
Dimensional and general data
Protection level (IP)
Operating temperature (° C Min / Max)
-20 ÷ +50
Dimensions (mm)
131x172x405 h
Weight (kg)
* The protection degree of the automation is determined by the composition motor and column.