Operator underground motor swing gate Door 5M H21/500

VAT-inclusive price

3060 Raccolta Punti

Series H21 - Mod. H21/500
Electromechanical underground motor 230V AC irreversible ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 5 meters of length. 
Reliable and robust: the new gear motor completely made from aluminium die casting with a degree of protection of IP 67, designed to meet very important installation requirements for swing gates with particular weights and dimensions.
Indestructible and almost invisible: due to its robust foundation box and the development of the movement of the motor all based on a rack with an adjustable mechanical stop, allows completely linear movement of the suspended completion motor
Foundation box: compact and robust foundation boxes designed specifically designed to not intrude on the ground or the public area, available with a cover made from cold-dip galvanised steel and a cover made from AISI 304  stainless steel.
Intelligent release: can be released internally and externally using a standard lever or key release system.
Control unit: can be motorised with the control unit with two H70/200AC motors.

Technical Specifications
230V AC 50Hz
Power rating:   
300 W
Max thrust:   
400 N
Frequency of use:   
Motor thermal protection:   
150 C°
Operating temperature:   
- 20 + 55 C°
Protection level:   
IP 67
Manoeuvre speed:   
1,66 cms
Opening time at 90°:   
19 s
Limit switch:   
Mechanical stoppers
Maximun opening:   
Power supply cable length: