Complete kit for swing gate underground 3,5M Roger KIT R21/353

VAT-inclusive price

8360 Raccolta Punti

Series R21 - Mod. KIT R21/353
Set of 2 electromechanical underground motors 230V AC irreversible ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3.5 meters of length. Standard version with 2 meters cable. Complete of foundation boxes with cold galvanized treatment, release system with standard lever and electronics kit. 
KIT Composition
N. 2 - R21/351
Electromechanical underground motor 230V AC irreversible ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3,5 mt. Standard version with 2 mt cable.
N. 2 - FU100
Cold galvanised foudation box and lid.
N. 2 - RL650
Release system with standard lever.
N. 1 - KIT H70/22
Electronic kit with control unit H70/200AC for two motors, with E80/TX52R/2 remote control.
N. 1 - H70/200AC/BOX
Control unit for 2 motors 230V AC with slow down, with plastic box.
N. 1 - H93/RX22A/I
Plug-in receiver 2 channels 433,92 Mhz for control unit series H70, B70 and AG/CTRL.
N. 2 - E80/TX52R/2
Fix code transmitter 433,92 Mhz. 2 channels, with radio for copy.
N. 1 - R90/F2ES
Pair of external photocells synchronized.
N. 1 - R92/LED230
LED flashing light series R92 230V AC.
N. 1 - R91/AN1/LR1
Antenna for flashing light R92 series
N. 1 - R99/C/001
Signboard "Automatic Opening"


Technical Specifications
230V AC 50Hz
Power rating:   
200 W
Max thrust:   
300 N
Frequency of use:   
Motor thermal protection:   
Operating temperature:   
Protection level:   
IP 67
Opening time at 90°:   
19 s
Maximum dimension product in mm:   
Limit switch:   
Mechanical stoppers
Maximun opening:   
105° (optional 125° - 360°)
Power supply cable length:   
Bearing on main shaft: