Operator underground motor swing gate Door 3,5M R21/362SUB

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Series R21 - Mod. R21/362SUB
Electromechanical underground motor 230V AC irreversible, SUB version water resistant, ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3,5 mt. TANDEM version with double bearings with 10 mt cable. 
Reliable and robust: The new technology of resin of the electric motor, usually in use in the submersible pumps that work up to 300 m depth, allows to obtain the maximum life of use of the automation even in very extreme conditions, especially in cases in which the foundation boxes for long time remain completely submerged in water, due to the drainage not properly realized or severe weather conditions.
The complete surface treatment of the whole body of the motor in cataphoresis, the new double seal of protection make of the R21 SUB a jewel of a new technology created to not be afraid of the water.
Foundation box: Compact and robust foundation boxes available with cover made from hot-dip galvanised steel and a cover made from AISI 304 stainless steel.
Intelligent release: can be released from internally and externally using a standard lever or key release system.
Control unit: can be motorised with the control unit with two H70/200AC motors.
Mechanical adjustable stop when closing ,adjustable when opening in the foundation box".

Technical Specifications
230V AC 50Hz
Power rating:   
200 W
Max thrust:   
400 N
Frequency of use:   
Motor thermal protection:   
Operating temperature:   
Protection level:   
IP 67
Opening time at 90°:   
19 s
Maximum dimension product in mm:   
Limit switch:   
Mechanical stoppers
Maximun opening:   
105° (optional 125° - 360°)
Power supply cable length:   
Bearing on main shaft:   
Double bearings