Complete kit for swing gate articulated 3,5M Roger KIT R23/374

VAT-inclusive price

7343 Raccolta Punti

Series R23 - Mod. KIT R23/374
Set of 2 electromechanical motors 230V AC for swing gates with articulated arms ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3.5 meters of length. Version with mechanical limit switch, with long version arms and electronic kit. 
KIT Composition
N. 2 - R23/371
Electromechanical articulated motor 230V AC irreversible ideal for swing gates with leaf up to 3.5 meters of length. With mechanical limit switch without articulated arms.
N. 2 - LT303
Arms long for articulated motor.
N. 1 - KIT H70/22
Electronic kit with control unit H70/200AC for two motors, with E80/TX52R/2 remote control.
N. 1 - H70/200AC/BOX
Control unit for 2 motors 230V AC with slow down, with plastic box.
N. 1 - H93/RX22A/I
Plug-in receiver 2 channels 433,92 Mhz for control unit series H70, B70 and AG/CTRL.
N. 2 - E80/TX52R/2
Fix code transmitter 433,92 Mhz. 2 channels, with radio for copy.
N. 1 - R90/F2ES
Pair of external photocells synchronized.
N. 1 - R92/LED230
LED flashing light series R92 230V AC.
N. 1 - R91/AN1/LR1
Antenna for flashing light R92 series
N. 1 - R99/C/001
Signboard "Automatic Opening"

Technical Specifications
230V AC 50Hz
Power rating:   
200 W
Max thrust:   
400 N
Frequency of use:   
Motor thermal protection:   
150° C
Operating temperature:   
-20+55° C
Protection level:   
IP 43
Opening time at 90°:   
14 s
Maximum dimension product in mm:   
Limit switch:   
Microswitch in opening and closing