Control panel 230V for roller shutters or roll-up doors BFT ELBA BU

VAT-inclusive price

700 Raccolta Punti

Control panel, max 230V, for roller shutters or roll-up doors.
Technical Features
  • Application: control panel for an operator dampers
  • Power adapter: 230V single phase
  • Power operator: 230V single phase
  • Main features: extremely small footprint for installation in the bed of the shutter, programming with potentiometers and dip, built-in receiver, command button on the box
  • Main functions: open / close separate entrance photocells, possibility of centralized controls, management anemometer and twilight
  • Compatibility: CAPRI, CAPRI RIC, CAPRI TCA
Mod. ELBA BU Cod. P935070 00002