Double-Gear motors for rolling shutter electrobrake 243kg ES76-2

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1790 Raccolta Punti

Double-Gear motors for rolling shutter with electrobrake and lifting force 243KG series "SERIE ES EVOLUTION" ES 76 2M Evolution Mod. 71920000.
The new motors of the series ES 76 Elsamec are manufactured using materials and solutions technologically advanced, which ensure reliability and longer life.
ES 76 2M is the Double-motors version guarantees the lifting capacity necessary for larger shutters, and allows a larger number of cycles than the previous series of motors.
The double reduction gear, assembled on the ES 76-1M and on the ES 76-2M, ensures a greater lifting capacity on all shutters.
The crown runs now on steel ball-bearings.
The standard model can be adapted to be installed on shutters with Ø 76 mm and Ø 240 mm spring boxes


Technical scheme