Infrared photocell square wall Range 20M LOOK-FE

VAT-inclusive price

185 Raccolta Punti

Photocells wall, outdoor, square shape with four mounting holes equally spaced Nologo Cod. LOOK-FE
Protection against electromagnetic disturbances and filter the sun, supply 12-24 Vac-Vdc, range up to 20m. in each condition.
Complete with seal and 4 stainless steel screws for fixing the upper slide.
Designed to cover existing holes photocells and for easy replacement: measures 77mm side 77mm side 27mm depth.

Technical features
  • Power Vac / dc 12/24
  • Capacity: 20 m
  • Operating temperature: ° C - 10 to + 60
  • TX absorption 25 mA
  • Power consumption 35 mA RX
  • Relay contact output: max 500mA 48Vac / dc
  • Degree of protection: IP55 EN 60529

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