Daily digital cursor-operated wall-mount chronothermostat G TH/124

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899 Raccolta Punti

Digital slider programmable thermostat, wall mounting, in anthracite grey, powered by 3x1.5V (AAA) batteries. - Bpt Cod. 69403610
The TH/124 is an electronic daily-programmable chronothermostat fitted with control cursors which make selection of the temperature simple and intuitive. The display shows a host of information, from the time of day and the current ambient temperature to the type of programme selected and the operational status of the system. 
With its resettable hour-counter, the TH/124 can help the user to monitor the periods of operation of the system and therefore to optimize consumption.

Technical features
  • Display: liquid crystal
  • Programming: daily
  • Installation: wall-mount
  • Operating mode: manual
  • Programmes: heating/conditioning, holiday, timer control
  • Remote control: no
  • Colours: anthracite grey
  • Power supply: 3x1,5 V (AA)
  • Dimensions: (wxhxd) 135,5x82x33 mm