German Standard sockets 2P+T 10/16A Bticino Matix AM5440/16

VAT-inclusive price

38 Raccolta Punti

Socket 2P+E 10A and 16A 250 Va.c. 19 mm and 26 mm center distance, 2-center socket configuration protected socket contacts; earth side contacts for German standard plugs; suitable for Italian standard plugs 2P and 2P+E 10/16A, German standard plugs 2P+E 16A
Technical features
  • Modules: 2
  • Contacts: 2P + T
  • Series: Matix
  • Voltage: 250Vac
  • Color: White 
  • In current: 10-16A
Bticino Matix Mod. AM5440/16