Terminal Block 10 poles 4mm² 450V 32A - Bar Poles 10pcs B40

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Terminal Block 10 poles 4mm² 450V 32A - Bar Poles 10pcs  Mod. B40
The back part of the terminals has an increased depth for a safer and more visible lock.
The terminals have a patented detachment system of the poles, that leaves the terminals without spikes.
Utilized materials: screws of zinc plated steel, insert of brass and shell of transparent polycarbonate. Working temperature from -5 to  +85°C Heat resistance + 130°C.


Technical features
  • Standard item: B40
  • 1 pole item: B40.1
  • Nominal section:4mm²
  • Rated Voltage: 450V
  • Protection Degree (IP): IP20
  • Bar Poles: 10pcs
  • *Connectable Cables: 2 x 4.0mm² - 3 x 2.5 mm² - 4 x 1.5 mm²
* Other conductors combinations with equal or lower cross section are connectable, if the total section doesn’t exceed the double of the nominal one