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Dialer GSM + PSTN Slot Battery (No Blackout) ERS SKORPION DUAL
Skorpion Dual ERS is a dialer can send an alarm message on a telephone line (PSTN) or via the integrated GSM system up to a maximum of 14 numbers on a landline or mobile phones. (Seven numbers for each channel)
In case of alarm, the dialer before you make a call checks for the presence of the phone line, also check that it is free and sends the call; if the line is absent, busy, or otherwise unsuitable for calling the unit switches on the cell line, and send calls via GSM operator. (Manager depends on the SIM that will fit in GSM module). The dialer works with any Italian or foreign manager. As far as Italy is allowed to use the SIM card of the management: TIM, Vodafone, Wind.
All programming that will take place on the dialer are managed by a memory "non-volatile" in order to retain data even without power.
The combiner Skorpion predisposes an internal housing for a battery (12V 2.2Ah not supplied), which, in case of absence of food, comes into operation immediately ensuring a continuous operation.
Italian instruction manual included in the package

  • Power 9-15 VDC
  • Automatic management of the telephone line Telecom / GSM
  • Module Dual band GSM GPRS professional
  • Two alarm inputs
  • Nine different messages
  • Ability to block remote call
  • Three different possibilities of block (terminal, keyboard, remote).
  • Sensitivity Input 500 mS
  • Seven telephone numbers can be stored for each alarm channel
  • A dedicated phone number to the GSM line manager
  • A dedicated phone number to the supervisor of the alarm
  • Sending any automatic alarm cycle of credit remaining SIM with SMS
  • Sending automatic expiration of the SIM card with SMS
  • Possibility to choose the numbers to call first priority on the GSM line
  • Recognition of successful call
  • 10 call attempts to numbers not achieved
  • Sending SMS to GSM if not achieved
  • Two outputs for remote activation Step / Step - Impulse
  • Two inputs for response to remote activation
  • 4 posts matched on TV activation
  • Recognition of signals from the PSTN (free-busy)
  • Recognition of international PSTN dial tone
  • Jump to answering calls to PSTN lines
  • Auto ignition and auto recovery of the GSM module
  • Event memory for alarm on and off remotely
  • Through display and LCD display 16x2
  • Security on the PSTN line via gas discharge tubes + TRISIL
  • Working temperature from +5 ° to +50 °
  • Housing for battery 12V 2.2Ah
  • Dimensions 180x227x63
  • Weight: 0.800kg