Sliding gate motor BX-243 24V 300Kg

VAT-inclusive price

2400 Raccolta Punti



Full automation control board, radio decoding, device for motion control and obstacle detection and mechanical limit switches to encoders for sliding gates up to 300 kg maximum length 8.5 meters.

Thanks to testing for compliance with the maximum impact forces generated by the movement of ancient, BX-243 is the product that offers the highest safety standards for this type of use (EN 12445 - 12453). Complete automation, motion control with encoder with electronic board placed horizontally to simplify the wiring and prepared for the inner chamber of the electronic board of management of emergency batteries as well as the battery. BX-243 is the "solution" to the facilities for residential use.

Degree of protection
230V 50/60 Hz
17A max
Maneuvering speed
12 m/min
Intermitente work
servizio intensivo
300 N
-20 °C min. +55 °C max.

Predisposto per il sistema integrato

Prepared for the Integrated

BX-243 is designed for installation and connection, integrated solutions Df + Db. You can in fact control the operation of any safety edges, installed on the wing.

Automazione a 24V

Only 24V

The 24V electronics A.D. BX-243 can be integrated with the adapter LB90 that in case of power failure, active operation by batteries that are the provision for housing within the group itself.

Finecorsa integrati

Integrated limit switches

BX-243 runs through the stroke of the switch integrated and protected in the motor unit. And 'enough then make the first adjustment during installation and will no longer be necessary, as amended.

Tecnologia encoder

Encoder Technology
The motor is equipped with an electronic motion control, secure and settled, for maximum peace and security of the person using the window