Central monitoring of complete software Politec ADEBUS

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Central monitoring Politec ADEBUS
  • Complete with chart management software.
  • Field data communication with Bus RS485.
  • Communication with local PC in RS232.
  • LAN/ETHERNET-TCP/IP or GSM/UMTS communication.
Ability to interact with all system parameters, to recognise status or modify it, with 32,000 events expandable memory.
For Mana SMA, Parvis SMA, Sandor Plus SMA.
Collects and processes data from 2 RS485 lines. Each RS485 line can be connected to a maximum of 128 modules/devices. Scanning of self-learning devices connected is carried out in about 0.2 seconds per line. Upon first scanning, connected devices and their  series numbers are memorised. Communicates with local PC via RS232C or via TCP/IP or PSTN.
Can memorise telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or IP addresses. Event signalling (alarm and/or warning) are send to enabled ports (GSM/UMTS - ETHERNET - LAN - TCP/IP)
Note: For more information please download the Technics digital documentation "Brochures Pag 22-23"