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The new barrier conceived for outdoor protection of large sites. MANA can, in fact, be composed and configured based on the installation requirements and to the degree of safety required, micro-waves only, active infrared only, or combined with double technology. 
Each section has an independent alarm output, that can be managed in AND or OR directly from the alarm control unit. Sturdy structure made of aluminum with protective polycarbonate screen, fastened on a base arranged for the installation on pavement or on cable pit (accessory on request).
Microwave device with operational frequency of 24GHz in K band with cavity and 200 mm parabola and 4 different channels, allows a considerable field penetration, therefore long range but with a lobe with a highly contained diameter, enabling installations in locations with limited space. The calibration and test system is simplified by the LED bar and the digital volt meter, present on the motherboard of the receiver column
Pairs of Microwave Barrier Mana MW Version, available in different physical characteristics:
Microwave device
Power supply
MANA MW 10250
Pair of Barriers Mana 
Versione MW
1,00 MT
220 V
Battery Space
(12V – 7 Ah Max.)
MANA MW 15250
Pair of Barriers Mana 
Versione MW
1,50 MT
220 V
Battery Space
(12V – 7 Ah Max.)
MANA MW 20250
Pair of Barriers Mana 
Versione MW
2,00 MT
220 V
Battery Space
(12V – 7 Ah Max.)
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Technical charateristics and performance
  • MW range from 10 to 250 m
  • MW frequency at 24 GHz in band K (only frequency approved throughout Europe)
  • Lobe diameter halved compared to traditional frequencies (up to 4m at maximum range)
  • 4 switchable MW modulation channels
  • Maximum IR range up to 650 m indoors and 250 m outdoors
  • Dual lens IR with 50 mm lenses
  • Impulsive beam photodevices, working wave 950 NM
  • Disqualification and anti-masking outputs (IR only)
  • Temperature control resistors
  • Compatibility with other PARVIS MES and SANDOR PLUS IR barriers (with maximum range as envisaged for these barriers)
  • Wired synchronisation
  • 220 V power supply
  • Anticorodal anodised aluminium frame with polycarbonate shield
  • Anchorage to concrete or using the POB 30 housing
  • Height from 1.5 m to 3 m (standard)
  • Can reach up to 4m (optional)
  • Construction references with identification label showing: production lot / date of production / tester