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Parvis is an active infrared beam perimeter intruder detection system for use in any  application where a covert detection is required. Designed for external use, Parvis can be employed in all ambient conditions thanks to the  thermostatically controlled heating of the beam tower,  high specification optical assemblies,  automatic gain control all of which maintain the effectiveness and reliability of the system. 
MES 9000 S
The photo-devices with pulse and synchronized infrared beams create an invisible and discreet barrier, because fastened to an aluminum structure placed inside the polycarbonate body with standard diameter for sustenance of the lighting bodies. In fact, thanks to the different types of sealing covers, it is possible to finish off the poles with the various models of lighting bodies available on the market. This and other special characteristics have rendered the product patented on a European level.The electronics allow to discriminate at onset the passage of small animals; alternatively, it is possible to command the exclusion of the first two rays at a distance (alarm control unit).The number of double TX and RX beams, their rotation by 180° horizontally and by 20° vertically, placed in a single column, allow to achieve protection, following any type of geometric shape of the site.
Hidden kit 
As the Parvis detection system is both covert and camouflaged it is possible to add  illumination with or without detection beams.
The new SMA (single man alignment) technology allows for alignment by a single operator, as the high brightness LEDs and buzzer for each optical lens can reach maximum value without use of additional instrumentation. Alignment is achieved simply via a button located on each optical lens. RS485 output for system centralisation. Ability to operate with optical synchronism.
Barriers Parvis Version Mes SMA 9000S Available in different physical characteristics:
Number of Rays
Price €
MES SMA 9120
Column Parvis Version Mes SMA (4-ray)
1.20 MT
4 (2TX+2 RX)
135 mA
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MES SMA 9160
Column Parvis Version Mes SMA (6 Rays)
1.60 MT
6 (3TX+3 RX)
145 mA
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MES SMA 9200
Column Parvis Version Mes SMA (8 rays)
2.00 MT
8 (4+4TX RX)
150 mA
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MES SMA 9250
Column Parvis Version Mes SMA (8 rays)
2.50 MT
8 (4+4TX RX)
150 mA
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MES SMA 9300
Column Parvis Version Mes SMA (8 rays)
3.00 MT
8 (4+4TX RX)
150 mA
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Technical charateristics and performance
  • Range up to 400 m indoors and 100 m outdoors for the MES version
  • Dual lens IR with 33 mm lenses
  • Impulsive beam photodevices, working wave 950 NM
  • Wired synchronisation for the MES version
  • Temperature control resistors
  • Disqualification and anti-masking outputs
  • Insertion of a video camera (optional)
  • Compatibility with other MANA and SANDOR PLUS IR barriers
  • Anticorodal anodised aluminium frame inside polycarbonate body
  • Standard lamp fitting (60 mm diam.) to support the various lighting fixtures
  • Height from 1.2 m to 2 m
  • Different heights and lenses available on request
  • Construction references with identification label showing: production lot / date of production / tester
  • Random delay.
  • Parallel and crossed beams.
  • Environmental disqualification from fog.
  • AND-OR random or first two beams.
  • Beam 1 or first 2 exclusion.
  • Wire or optical synchronism.
  • Anti-masking with OC signal.
  • Anti crawl.
  • Adjustable crossing time.
  • 4 optical synchronism channels.
  • LED exclusion.