Pairs Barriers infrared Sandor version Dual SMA Politec

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1953 Raccolta Punti


Politec Sandor is a family of barriers with structure made of anticorodal anodized aluminum and polycarbonate front, small-sized and with a pleasant design, and is made up of three different lines.
Sandor DUAL - QUAD - ESA
Especially studied and recommended for the protection of very wide surfaces such as glass panels, thanks to the high capacity and the particularity of the crossed beams that form a sort of grid. Each signal emitted by the transmitters is received by all the receivers. Barriers Sandor Dual SMA consist of 4 rays Programmable with 2 parallel beams or 4 including 2 cross beams.
The detection takes place in differentiated manner: when only one ray is interrupted, the time to activate the alarm is delayed, while when two or more rays are interrupted, it is immediate. Synchronization is optical.
SMA Technology
The new SMA (single man alignment) technology allows for alignment by a single operator, as the high brightness LEDs and buzzer for each optical lens can reach maximum value without use of additional instrumentation. Alignment is achieved simply via a button located on each optical lens.
Pairs of Barrier Sandor Version Dual SMA , available in different physical characteristics:
Number of Rays
Pair of Columns Sandor Dual Version SMA
(Programmable with 2 parallel beams or
4 including 2 cross beams)
0.50 MT
4 (2TX+2RX)
Pair of Columns Sandor Dual Version SMA
(Programmable with 2 parallel beams or
4 including 2 cross beams)
1.00 MT
4 (2TX+2RX)
Note: Price for the pair!
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Technical characteristics and performance
  • Range up to 300 m indoors for the DUAL/QUAD/ESA (crossed beams) versions
  • Range up to 80 m outdoors for the DUAL/QUAD/ESA (crossed beams) versions
  • Dual lens IR with 33 mm lenses
  • Impulsive beam photodevices, working wave 950 NM
  • Optical synchronization versions DUAL / QUAD / ESA / WS
  • Temperature control resistors (not in the WS version)
  • Compatibility with other MANA and PARVIS MES IR barriers
  • Random delay.
  • Parallel and crossed beams.
  • Environmental disqualification from fog.
  • AND-OR random or first two beams.
  • Beam 1 or first 2 exclusion.
  • Wire or optical synchronism.
  • Anti-masking with OC signal.
  • Anti crawl.
  • Adjustable crossing time.
  • 4 optical synchronism channels.
  • LED exclusion.
  • RS485 connection.