Plug and Play wireless/wired router with Marssnet VPN plug-in

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IPC-4084 is the new Wireless Router / Wired Plug and Play pre-configured with the plugin MarssNet VPN to enable the management of your IP Controller via the Web URL or from the app without specifying the IP address of your connection and without performing complicated configurations of port forwarding.
The router board of Marss IPC-4084 provides the ability to activate different connectivity services.
  1. By connecting a common key to the router board IPC-4084, the user can take advantage of the same connectivity to multiple devices wirelessly connected.
  2. The router is pre-configured with the plug-in VPN MarssNet to enable the module management controller by IP or web URLs APP "IP Controller", without specifying the IP address of the connection and without any troublesome configurazioni.vIl router allows 'use, even in situations where your connection (ADSL, 3G, etc..) does not have a static public IP address.
  3. The VPN MarssNet can be used for remote management of any burglar alarm control unit with TCP / IP module without specifying the IP address of the connection and in this case without making any configuration of port forwarding.
  4. The router board of Marss IPC-4084 is equipped with an additional pre-configuration of port forwarding outside the VPN MarssNet: 4 local IP addresses, 4 local and remote ports for each IP address, already pre-configured. This simplifies and speeds up the network configuration of any DVR for remote access, avoiding the programming port forwarding on the router.
The router is equipped with 5-port Gigabit Ethernet (1WAN + 4LAN), a powerful 802.11b/g/n WiFi Access Point for use in any SOHO environment, plus a USB 2.0 port for connecting any 3G/UMTS modem ( key). The router is built with a powerful AR7240 CPU, 64MB RAM, 3G Router OS Level 4 and is inclusive of power and compact case. Operating temperature from -10 C to 50 C..

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