Stand-alone IP Module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs in DIN rail bo

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Stand-alone IP Module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs in DIN rail box Mod. IPC-3104
Stand-alone IP module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs (2 relays + 2 O.C.) in DIN rail box. Based on TCP/IP technology, it allows 4 activations and 4 status controls via embedded web server and via APP for iOS and Android APP: all in complete security, thanks the SSL protocol.
Settable Functions: APP starting protect by password, output activation by icon button with password. Inputs and outputs can be labelled by the user (max. 10 characters).
Sending Push Notifications; automatic management of the Dynamic IP via MARSS server for remote access without the use of external services. Simultaneous SSL connections: n. 2 from APP + n. 2 from Web servers. Supply 13.8 Vdc. CE, REACH, RoHS Compliant.
Management: From App "IP Controller" for iOS, Android and Windows can be downloaded from the markets of reference or from the official site

Details Modules IP Stand-Alone
  • IP module available in versions 2/4/8 inputs and outputs
  • Remote management from application "IP Controller", available for iOS, Andorid and Windows
  • Application Programming UDIP
  • SSL protocol
  • Start application with help of password (feature programmable)
  • Output Enable to icon button with password (feature programmable)
  • balanced inputs
  • Inputs and outputs can be labeled by the user (max. 10 characters)
  • Activation of one or more outputs by quick button on the home screen
  • Predisposition to plug-in Wifi module (model IPC-2072)
  • Automatic management Dynamic IP server through Marss
  • Sending Push Notifications, relating to the status change inputs and / or outputs
  • Simple and innovative, accessible to all.