12W Dome Light With 360° IR Sensor Natural White 4500K 120° IP20

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12W Dome Light With IR Sensor Natural White 4500K 120° Mod. VT-5058
SMD LED Dome light 12W 120° 4500K Natural white light, equipped with infrared IR 360° motion sensor and light sensor to automatically turn on in step. E 'can be adjusted manually, opening the body of the dome light, the following sensor functions:
1 - Trimmer LUX (adjustable ambient light), defines the working conditions DAY / NIGHT: When you set the symbol of the "SUN", the sensor is active all day; conversely, when you set the indicator to the symbol "LUNA", the sensor stops working during the day and comes on automatically when it gets dark;
(LUX): <3-2000 LUX
2 - Trimmer TIME , adjust the delay time of the sensor; for delay time it is meant that time in which the lamp remains lit, when a moving body goes beyond the distance of the PIR sensor detection.
Minimum time of 10 ± 3 seconds;
Maximum time of 3 minutes ± 30 seconds.
The fixture can be mounted on the ceiling between the 2.2M and 4M, I understand a detection radius of about 6 meters to 360 °.
Rigid plastic structure of circular shape by the color white, installed indoors Waterproof IP20. Product of easy installation, connection via screw to the mains terminals. Included in the package screws for ceiling mounting bolts.

Technical features
  • Technology LED Chip: SMD
  • Power supply (Volt): AC 200-240V, 50Hz - Connecting terminals.
  • Power: 12W (24Pcs SMD Leds)
  • Light color: Natural white (4500K)
  • Wattage (equiv. conventional bulb): ~  60W
  • Luminous flux: 800Lm
  • Beam Angle: 120 °
  • Sensor detection range: infrared motion sensor 360 °
  • Sensing distance: 6 meters. (<24'C)
  • Delay Time: Minimum time 10 ± 3 seconds - maximum time 3 minutes ± 30 seconds.
  • Ambient light adjustment: <3-2000 LUX (your choice)
  • Protection: IP20 (indoor installation)
  • Life Span: 20.000h
  • Dimensions: Φ300x30 (H) mm
  • Ceiling Installation height: 2.2 to 4 meters
  • Material: Plastic Clad Aluminum -White.