Infrared Motion Sensor Ceiling 360°

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Motion Sensor Ceiling 360 ° with 3 internal sensors for accurate motion detection and suitable for the activation of bulbs through the terminal, with low base loads Mod. VT-4968
It is possible to manually unscrew the sensor, adjust the functions (Time - LUX): 
Trimmer LUX, defines the conditions of work DAY / NIGHT: When you set the symbol of the "SUN", the sensor is active throughout the day; vice versa, when you set the indicator to the symbol "LUNA", the sensor stops working during the day and turns on automatically when it gets dark; 
TIME Trimmer, adjust the delay time of the sensor (from 10 seconds to 7 minutes); for delay time means that time in which the lamp stays on when a body in motion is beyond the sensing distance of the sensor PIR. 
Elegant white color, can be installed indoors only IP20. The sensor comes complete with user manual (English) and fixing screws to the ceiling. 
  • Voltage: AC220-240V, 50Hz 
  • Detection range: 360 ° 
  • Rated Load (Max): 1200W (incandescent lamp) - 300W (energy saving + LED) 
  • Detection distance: 12m. max (<24 ° C) 
  • Delay time: Min. 10sec ± 3sec - Max. 7min ± 2min. (TIMMER TIME) 
  • Light sensitivity adjustable 3-2000 Lux (LUX TIMMER) 
  • Switching capacity 300 W LED 
  • Switching capacity 1200 W incandescent 
  • Detection motion speed: 0.6 to 1.5 m / s 
  • IP degree of protection: IP20 (indoor use only) 
  • Diameter 1 - 44 mm 
  • Diameter 2 - 89 mm 
  • Height - 57 mm 
  • Height of ceiling: 2 - 2.4m. 
  • Material: Body in white rigid plastic