Mini Amplifier for LED Strip RGB SMD5050 3*4A

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The VT-3018 amplifier for 12V RGB LED strips can manage, with a single controller rgb 12V (not included), LED strips longer than 5 metri.Necessita a power supply of 12V amperage adjusted to strip led connected on 'output.
Generally, the RGB LED strips can be connected in cascade to a RGB controller for up to 10 Meters. Over 10 Meters in order to continue to use a single controller, you must insert a signal amplifier.
Note: The amplifier must be powered by a transformer from 220V to 12V.

  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Connection Type: Positive in common
  • Maximum Current: 6A (Max 4A each color)
  • Power consumption: up to 144W of absorption of the coil RGB LED (48W each color)
  • Ideal temperature: -30 ° C ---- +75 ° C
  • Size: 43mm X 13mm X 3mm
  • Weight: 5g