Kit Battery Emergency No Blackout Panel LED 36/45W

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Kit Battery Emergency No Blackout Panel LED 36/45W Mod. VT-7038
The kit Battery Emergency VT-7038 allows to transform a panel LED 36 / 45W in a lighting apparatus of an emergency, ensuring an illumination duration of about 3 hours even in the absence of current.
The kit is compatible with LED panel 36W or 45W output power: DC 30 / 42V.

Technical features

  • Input voltage: AC65V / 265V - 50 / 60Hz
  • Capacity Internal Battery: Ni-Cd 12 3000AH
  • Input power: 120V max 4A
  • LED output power: 13W
  • Output Power: DC 30 / 42V
  • Recharge Time: 30 hours (approximately)
  • Working Time: 3 hours
  • Dimensions: 215 mm x113 mm x 48 mm
  • Body Product: Metal