Detector micro wireless lights - environmental remediation

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This micro spy detector with high sensitivity does not require specific skills for research or technical knowledge, its operation extremely simple base your search criteria in the relationship between search sensitivity and signal strength.

In case you detect the presence of an RF transmitter, the device emits a sound that increases in frequency as you approach the source of the emission; also the 3 LEDs that indicate the level of the signal light in progression to 'approach of the transmitting device. All models have the ability to increase or decrease the reception sensitivity so as to be able to quickly locate the position of the transmitter. Our detectors offer a modern protection against wireless microphones, wireless cameras, and any other device that broadcasts on frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 6.0GHz. Earnings per security in offices, hotel rooms and homes, not only detects these devices, but also in their precise position thanks to the LED and a tone sound. The alarm sound can be turned off for detecting silent (vibrating only in models with this option), while the regularization of the sensitivity minimizes false alarms and facilitates cleaning.


1) Analog & Digital Audio Bug environmental
2) Micro camera wireless 1.2Ghz & 2.4Ghz
3) Mobile phones of all types (ETACS-GSM-UMTS)
4) Transmitter Audio / Video low power 10Mw
5) Everything tricot 1Mhz to 6.00Ghz


- Hospitals and medical centers of intensive care that prohibit the use of mobile phones.
- Offices, factories, cinemas, theaters, concerts, museums and galleries of Art to prevent the use of cameras or spy bugs
- Military or Governmental Authority where mobile phones are prohibited and records
- Find spy cameras placed in public restrooms, shops, schools, hotels, barache rent, clubs etc. ..

Detection distance 50-100mw/50cm
Sensing Distance 200-400mW / 150cm
Sensing Distance 500-700mW / 500cm