Detector professional micro spy digital and analog UMTS WiFi GPS

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Detector professional micro spy digital and analog UMTS WiFi GPS
Detector scanner micro spy digital and analog from 1MHz to 8000MHZ for environmental remediation. LT-D010 is a detector of micro spies Professional, specialized in the detection of concealed electronic equipment, and in particular is able to identify, with extreme ease, different types of bugs that use signals: UMTS (audio / video transmission), band Wireless WiFi , bluetooth and GPS satellite signals GSM GPRSv.
The detector is easy to use, even for less experienced in the field. In fact, the presence of bugs emit sound and flashes by 10 leds on the front of the detector. It also has a variable sensitivity in such a way as to be able to raise awareness of the range in search of bugs based on the environment that you want to analyze.
Thanks to its special filters are unable to discard electromagnetic signals caused by household appliances or electrical equipment which by their nature emit frequencies refrigerators, computers and other electronic Device itivi. The detector does not emit electromagnetic fields likely to rage on electronic systems and human health.
LT-D010 is a quick and effective solution to protect your privacy.

Micro detectable signal lights
  • Detection spy phones
  • Detection of micro spy gsm UMTS audio and video
  • Detection of micro-lights and traditional video and audio WIFI
  • Detection systems, bluetooth and wireless UHF band
  • Detection of satellite tracking vehicle GPS GSM GPRSv
  • Detection frequency of 1 MHZ to 8000 MHZ (including bluetooth)
  • Detecting dynamic range:> 70dB
  • Detection sensitivity up to 0.05watt
  • Coverage Area: 20m
  • Indicator: LED optical signaling with nine graphic level 9 bars, with progression in the approach of the audio bug.
  • Vibration function on the rise with the approach of the bug or wireless cameras
  • Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 60 mm x 22mm (L x W x D)
Package Content:
  • 1 Detector
  • 2 Batteries 9v (A spare)
  • 1 Antenna
  • 1 Manual in English