Entrance door peephole camera angle

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This is a particular camera is ideal to eliminate the old and outdated peephole from entrance doors of each house.

Easy to install, simply remove the old peephole from the door and enter this exceptional product.

The camera is ready to use and comes with its own power supply 12.00 V

The product can be connected in the following ways:
- Directly to your TV / VCR or monitor;
- Connected to a quad for easy viewing;
- Connect to a PC via video capture card DVR
- Connect to any wireless system for remote viewing.



- System: PAL
- Lens: 1/4 CMOS
- Definition: PAL 628 * 582
- Lines: 380 lines
- Illumination 2 Lux
- Focus: Adjustable manual 30mm. infinity
- Angle: 92 degrees
- Power supply: 12V. AC power adapter (included)
- Size: adjustable in length from 4 cm to 7 cm
- Device: Video
- Power consumption: 25mA

Package Contents

1 x Camera Peephole Video
1 x connection cable with camera
1 x Mains adapter 12V.