Micro earpiece invisible wireless bluetooth inductive pen

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1190 Raccolta Punti

This product is ideal to communicate with anyone in absolute descrezione and safety without being noticed. Not by chance that this product is used by various professionals: Operators Security, Intelligence, Investigations, espionage, Students, Manager, Actors etc..
It 's the smallest headset available in the world, used by many intelligence agencies, along with an ultra-sensitive microphone can transmit even the slightest whispering.
Operation is simple and straightforward, you can just configure the Bluetooth interface of the phone with the pen "Bluetooth" as packaged. Then you just have to insert the Microauricolare in the ear canal and begin to communicate, allowing it to receive suggestions both in written evidence that oral evidence, without the slightest concern.
The headset connects via Bluetooth radio with the pen. The pen will act as a receiver / transmitter. Thanks to the built-in microphone in the pen you can talk to the person calling you will be able to listen to your requests and suggest directly into your ear.


  • Low power consumption and long battery life: 8 hours talk time, 150 hours standby
  • Audio bandwidth 200 Hz to 4 KHz
  • Transmission range of the pen by the phone up to 10 meters
  • Pen weight 30 grams
  • The headset has a wax guard that allows regular cleaning
  • Small size, about 12 x 6 x 5 mm
  • Completely invisible
KIT contents:
  • Inductive Bluetooth device within a working pen;
  • Microauricolare wireless;
  • Micropila Zinc-air type 10 1.4-volt or 1.4-volt size 312 (easily available);
  • Adapter for Bluetooth pen refill.

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