Optical detector camera scanner laser + RF

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Detects any type of micro spy radio.
This new generation of detector combines two systems of environmental remediation in a single device.
With four different warning systems:

Silent / vibration:
When you turn on when it detects the presence of a radio signal emits a vibration;

Acoustic mode:
When you turn on when it detects the presence of a radio signal beeps;
Plugging in the headphones supplied, the sound will be heard in a discreet manner.

Lens Finder mode:
A series of LEDs light up intermittently, and looking into the lens and pointing the camera at objects and structures, minilenti hidden are highlighted. Possibility of adjusting the speed of blinking with three different flashing frequencies.

In all modes, a bar leds indicate signal strength.

the antenna removable stylus increases its effectiveness.

The product is designed for professional use.
Also equipped with a low battery indicator (red LED).

- Distance detection lens: 10cm-10m
- Distance detecting radio signals: 5cm-10m (depends on the transmission power of the source transmitter and the distance).
For example:
Power 50mw-200mw: 30-50 cm
Powers of 300mw-600mw: 100-200 cm
Powers-800mw 1200mW: 300-1000 cm
Power supply rechargeable batteries: Lithium 3.7v 400mA included
Current Consumption: 100mA
Wave detecting distance: 920nm
Frequency Range: 1MHz ~ 6500MHz
Optical lenses: Professional Infrared
Material: ABS - anti-slip rubber
Color: Black
Size: 93mm X 48mm X 17mm
Weight: 58g
Removable antenna: 123mm
Brightness LEDs: up to 70000MCD
Package Contents
- Detector
- Charger
- Head covers
- Plug adapter
- Instructions in English
Very easy to use.
Please note that setting the frets are very small and often the pressure (if you have big fingers) could be a bit ostica.Questa design solution but avoids accidental pressures unintended if this item is in your pocket.