Wall microphone to professional pressure transmitter probe

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Multi wall microphone with metal housing, commonly used by the investigation agencies for their investigations. In case there is a system of devices and interchangeable accessories that allow you professional performance and reliable.
All accessories are connected to the control unit, it can work through its internal battery (100 hours) or you can use the convenient power supply.
It can connect the microphone to the wall (or pressure), a special microphone specially designed to convert the vibrations produced by sound waves through solids. Useful for listening to conversations through masonry / wood / iron.
The microphone for locks or holes in the walls, so good locks or stuffed into holes created specially.
The wireless antenna that will give you the ability to transmit the signal from one of the two microphones directly to a receiver on one of the four available frequencies.
Headphones high sensitivity which mount a special device that can amortize the background noise thus giving a cleaner sound. Including 3 types of tires (small / medium / large) to ensure maximum grip and maximum comfort.

- Power consumption: 10mA
- Internal rechargeable battery: 3.7V litium
- Battery life: 100 hours
- Frequencies for radio transmission:
    A (200Hz)
    B (800Hz)
    C (1200Hz)
    D (freq Boug)
- Probe sensitivity:-70db
- Maximum amplification: 20,000 times
- Type of material oltrepassabili: Walls of concrete / steel / iron / wood / glass and brick
The included accessories
- Control
- Microphone Wall
- Microphone with lock pin (or hole)
- Wireless antenna
- Caps