15 channel remote control unit on/off multi-433MHz relay

VAT-inclusive price

636 Raccolta Punti

Useful unit that opens and closes relay 15. Ideal for turning on lights, opening doors and shutters etc.
Remote control with 15 buttons and telescopic antenna.
Remote control power supply: 12 volts
WARNING, 15CH version only serves as a switch (for each channel). E 'with two terminal contacts and not three contacts as the version from 1 to 12 ch which have in common, NO and NC.
In version 15CH therefore, each channel is NORMALLY OPEN.

- Power supply 12Volts
- Consumption: 800mA
- Distance to transmitter MAX 50Mt
- Frequency: 433.92MHZ
- Rx sensitivity:-103dBm
- Stand-by: 7-8mA
- Number of channels: 15
- Relay output: up to 10A max
- Dimensions: 115x73x16 (mm)
-On/Off With latch
-1 Relay when activated (never 2 relays at the same time)