First aid cabinet for businesses Annex 2 Gr A

VAT-inclusive price

222 Raccolta Punti

Content under DM 388, 15/07/2003 Annex 2.
For companies or establishments with fewer than three employees who do not belong to the group A.
The article 2 paragraph 5 of the Ministerial Decree 388 of 15/07/2003 provides that the content listed in Annex 2 must be provided to employees who work in places other than the place of business or production unit.

Size mm 370x220x140
Full weight 2.1 kg
Weight empty kg 1
Plastic cabinet white, 3 rooms, 2 shelves, snap closure.

2 pairs of sterile gloves
1 bottle of saline ml.250
1 bag sterile gauze cm.18x40
1 bag sterile gauze cm.10x10
1 sterile forceps
2 packs of cotton wool
1 box of 10 assorted dressings
1 roll m patch 5x2, 5 cm
1 gauze bandage from cm.10
1 pair scissors tagliabendaggi
1 tourniquet.
1 package instant ice
1 bag for medical waste
1 first aid instructions
1 copy of Decree 388 of 15/07/2003
1 bottle jodopovidone ml.125