Pack for replenishing first aid kits

VAT-inclusive price

107 Raccolta Punti

Pack for replenishing first aid kits for companies or business units with less than 3 workers who do not fall into Group A.
Pack Weight: 1.05 Kg
Dimensions:  240X200X90 mm
Package Contents:
1 copy of Decree 388 of 15.07.03
2 Pairs of sterile gloves
1 Disinfectant 125 ml IODOPOVIDONE to 10% iodine PMC
1 saline 250 ml EC
1 Envelope compressed sterile gauze 18x40 cm
3 Envelopes compressed sterile gauze 10x10 cm
1 sterile forceps
1 pack of cotton wool
1 Plastosan 10 assorted dressings
1 Adhesive tape Adhesive m 5x2, 5 cm
1 gauze bandage m 3,5 x10cm
1 pair of scissors 14.5 cm tagliabendaggi
1 Tourniquet
1 ICE PACK Disposable instant ice
1 bag for medical waste 250x350 mm
1 Multilingual first aid instructions