Car GPS tracker car dvr dual camera 120 ° lcd 2.7" 16:9

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Car dvr with dual camera for shooting both the driver and the front road. 120 ° wide-angle lens.
Equipped with accelerometer (g-sensor) capable of measuring the sudden changes in acceleration of the three axes x, y, z (in case of accident, major shocks etc..).
The GPS antenna (included) record speed and position at any time so you can track later using ADR integrated.
For each movie will be paid to each frame:
  • The location (viewable in real time via software on google maps)
  • The rush of acceleration
  • The double-sided screens
  • The speed
  • The direction
The product is equipped with a widescreen 2.7 "16:9 which tells you the image in real time. Internal menu allows the setting of setup as the sensitivity of the gravity sensor, audio on / off control time etc..
The lens is adjustable through 180 ° manually
Product ideal for both private and professional use for business fleets as trucks, buses, cars etc. staff.
The files can be protected from deletion by a password so that any driver of the vehicle can not neither delete nor alter nor view them.




Main Specifications
Recording continues without pause: generlamente similar products create a hole record of 3-5 seconds to close a file and open another one. This product uses its own file system that avoids this interruption without pauses between the movie and the other.
Auto Loop recording: When the memory becomes full will automatically overwrite the files starting with the oldest.
Its file system: The product does not use the usual file system but have their own language, in fact perpoter see the files and use the program you need to use the internal software that is automatically installed on the sd card being formatted. The advantage of a longer life for your memory card.
Quick installation: There are no specific rules to be followed during the installation, you must insert a memory card (not included), run the format, set the date and time and the product will automatically begin recording.
Video playback: ability to view videos in real time using the monitor 2.7 ". Reproduction of single or double videoata, including sound by a small speaker.
MJPG video format: Each movie is independent of the double screen. Real MPEG4 for a higher resolution compared to H.264 format.
GPS support: Using the supplied antenna are also stored in the video frame data of latitude and longitude, using the software provided, will be translated into real-time position with the google maps service, stating the tracking (tracking). Furthermore, will be indicated also the speed and direction.
Support G Sensor: The G-SENSOR (gravity sensor) will register the differences in strength according to the axes x, y, z. Using the software, a graphic frame by frame will indicate the data relating to acceleration, braking, accidents etc..
The product has an internal battery, with automia of about 2 hours. And 'possible to use the product for continuous supply through the cigarette lighter adapter included in the package.
Key Features menu inside
  • VIDEO MODE: Recording single or double screen
  • Format sd card
  • Set Date and Time
  • Video Format: NTSC / PAL
  • Audio: On / off
  • Registration: On / off
  • Type of Recording: Only Channel 1 - Channel 2 only - Both
  • Live Display: On / off
Features X3000
LCD 2.7 "(16:9)
Lens forntale 140 ° - 120 ° Lens rear
Video Format
Memory Slot
Micro sd card (only accepts up to 16GB SDHC)
Microphone - Speaker
1280 * 480 - 30fps