Access Point UBIQUITI UNIFI 300Mbps PoE 2.4GHz 2x2 MIMO

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Ubiquiti UNIFI 300Mbps PoE 2.4GHz - 2.4GHz High Power Wireless - Mod. UNIFI
The UBIQUITI UNIFI is a device working in 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) standard.
The device is easy to use and manage. The distinguishing feature of the product is additional software UniFi WiFi Enterprise System, which enables configuration and management of the UniFi devices network, from computer via a web browser.
Ubiquiti UNIFI is a Router Access Point Wireless ADVANCED, designed for applications where you need to install multiple devices to provide extended coverage Wi-Fi in a building, in a scalable, flexible, with centralized control.
Typical applications for the distribution of the Wi-Fi signal are:
  • Hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfast, Residence and accommodation;
  • Warehouses, offices, shops;
  • Villa and multilevel house on several floors;
  • shopping center and conference room, etc.
Ubiquiti UNIFI Enterprise.
The UniFi system comprises: a hardware device (Access Point Router Wi-Fi) and a control management software in a simple and intuitive, with ONLY ONE computer.
The software is installed on your PC and allows you to configure and control all access points UNIFI networked, even tens of devices in a centralized way: you can also upload the design of the structure so it is even easier to identify and manage any Router Unifi.
The computer manages the network and user access through the UNIFI router, so the PC must be always on and connected, the program has advanced monitoring functions, which allow the system operator to check the signal coverage, the quality of transmission and the speed of data transfer (currently the UNIFI management software supports Windows and Mac computers).


Frequency range:
2412 MHz ... 2462 MHz
Antenna type:
2Tx 2Rx MIMO
3 dBi Integrated Omnidirectional antenna
·  IEEE 802.11b
·  IEEE 802.11g
·  IEEE 802.11n
Baud rates:
300 Mbps
Transmission range:
122 m
Ethernet interface:
10/100 Mbps BASE-TX (Cat. 5, RJ-45)
Operating system:
UniFi WiFi Enterprise System
Transmitter power:
max. 20 dBm
Max. power consumption:
4 W
Power supply PoE:
12  ... 24 V Ubiquiti Passive PoE
Power supply:
24 V / 0.5 A included
Main features:
·  Possibility to mount on the wall or ceiling
·  UniFi WiFi Enterprise System
·  AP placement and RF maps
·  Easy and uniform management system for many devices
·  Intuitive installation and configuration of many advanced functions
Operation temp. / Relative humidity:
-10 °C ... 70 °C / 5 % ... 80 %
·  0.29 kg
·  0.43 kg (with mounting kits)
Ø 200  x 36.5 mm
Manufacturer / Brand: